Music by Jürgen pospišil



All music in this space


Guitar work added by Rainer Feix


Vocals by Susanne Kriete.





 Trumpet played  by Rouven Kriete



Many thanks. to all.


Special thanks to Rainer Feix for cooperation and support at recording and sound editing.


Notice: These recordings were made for private, personal sharing, not for commercial distribution or public performance. Covers versons are not meant to infringe authors' rights.  Anywayrespected. This also applies to my work, including  arrangements.

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Ain't no love in the




 ft (© J. Pospišil,




It's true (J. Pospišil)



 Waiting for the wind




Breeze (R. Feix/J. Pospišil)[12.6.18]